Friday, August 23, 2013

My story about the first experience with beautiful aunties

In this occasion I would like to narrate my first experience in sex with adult women aged 36 years and already has two children. At that time I was attending junior class 1. Our home Saturday arrival Aunt Lily. While Aunt Lily came from Malang, East Java.

It was the custom when Aunt Lily visiting our home we can be sure to stay at least 2 nights. Actually I have no admiration for Lily because his aunt at the age of 36 years still looks fresh and plump-bodied white. Approximately 180 cm height with shoulder length hair and face native Java. But as long as he is not so familiar with me and very polite so I was rada awkward to talk to him much less for things that smelled of sex. So I just buried my mad desire to be able to just look at the body beautiful.

At about 1am I woke up because it felt like to pee and I can not stand it anymore, so I went straight to the bathroom with a direct push the bathroom door open, but I was surprised when I saw my aunt Lily was sitting on the toilet being urinating while opening tip negligee underneath, so I could see the thick black pussy hair.

While the position when it was dying because my left hand was put out my dick from my pants, so actually we're both equally vital each look, because I'm shy but I'm straight out the hand was faster than my aunt pulled my hand and said quietly, "It's piss sick as aja rather than arrested, "he said.

Because I'm afraid my aunt so angry I had to pee but my position at that time also turned aunt of shame and fear. After I pee coming out soon say goodbye first. But my aunt nyeletuk ... "ehh why not washed tititnya Dick finished peeing slob you really well,"

"Eehh tante yes sorry I forgot," I said as I quickly grabbed my cock and began to wash scoop cepa-out fast and direct permission. Uuufff it all deh ga frivolous.

The next morning at 7 am I went to school because there are extracurricular Volly. 11am till I just went home. But in the quiet house, but the door was not locked. Suddenly my aunt out of the room.

"Ehh Dickwan coming yes. All plaza due allowance being to ask your sister as a birthday treat your mama. Aunt was going to go but suddenly unwell so void deh follow," said aunt.

"Ooo so my auntie's it going to change first aunt," I said.

Dikamar ga feel so bad I'm afraid to discuss the issue last night aunt in the bathroom then I said how ya ama tante. I think the door has not been done already diketok 2 times from the outside.

"Dick you again what a busy ga? Ttante no need to talk?"
"Ga ga busy aunt really only room for a minute beresin wrote ..."
"Tante allowed in Dick? Have tante kok ga locked door"

Having entered his aunt sat alongside my bed, then asked ... "Dick tante want to ask about last night. Saw what you had last night while in the shower,"

Bener Duuaarrr khan i takutin kerjadi too, I replied while shaking .. "Ga ga kok Dick aunt had seen nothing last night. Khan Dick immediately going out," I said as I keep my head down in shame and fear.

"You do not lie to ya with auntie I'll alert report if you know your mama ga ama tante admit!!
"Yeah auntie ga Dick was serious look okay auntie,"
"Well if you do not want to admit, later laporin tante mama," aunt took up my room and was about to move out.

But I quickly snapped his hand saying, "yes auntie sorry I did was look at but it is not clear why only a moment and really aunt. Dn aunt I am sorry because I did not know if there aunt in the bathroom," I said anyway.

Then my aunt back and sits on originally. "Well since you've admitted the aunt not to report it to your mother, but because you are sloppy then you must be my law!"
"What tante sentence," I said patiently ga.
"Please close and lock your door and gentlemen," he said.

I then quickly back on his feet in front of the lock and aunt .. "Now you go to all your clothes in front of the aunt,"
"Hahh sorry auntie hear what I'm not wrong,"
"KMU now open all your clothes quickly," said the aunt in a firm voice. "Khan embarrassed tante ..."
"Quickly open all your mama or my report," said aunt rather pitch.

Slowly, I opened all the way naked and covered my cock with both hands. But the aunt immediately made me put my hand next to my body. Terpampanglah cock again then sleep because of fear ... aja wear small penis naked shame.

"Dick," said the soft voice.

Then I was told to squat in front of the aunt and the aunt interesting dasternya somewhat above the lower end to the thighs. "Now enter head to crotch aunt without using hands Dick, remember without using hands!!, And you should jilatin all fur aunt and aunt do not stop until told to stop. Faster Dick," Tantek injunction as he pushed my head into the dressing gown.

Once inside dasternya rada aunt could stretch his legs to my head right down her crotch, she said quietly, "Lick my dick all fast,"

Sruup .. sruup sruup I jilatin all until about 5 minutes more felt a little salty and savory mix the more fluid out of the fur aunt, and perhaps because keenakkan position so my aunt lying on the edge of my bed. I'm the more eager I slowly open up my aunt negligee so I can clearly see my aunt bushy pubic hair and no beans of a marble small dark red chewy. I kept jilatin and suck it, but suddenly woke up my aunt pushed me backward and fast-closing back Sepat dasternya have I uncover down to his stomach.

"You insolent yah dick," my aunt said with a slight smile

Aunt suddenly changed his position became menungging standing on the edge of the bed and said, "Now you should go back and aunt negligee you jilatin everything fast," jarnya.

Smiling aunt hid his face the basket. I quickly opened up behind her negligee and beautiful .... ckckck ass aunt. Great all round and solid. White seamless and there are fine hairs like Arab women. Dark red chapped anus and folds perfectly beautiful pussy pinched.

Because it's ga-resistant enjoy it I immediately wanted to lick it all up wet and flat. Not an inch, I miss my aunt buttocks. Anus to the pussy I lick and suck as much to tarnish.

Then my aunt turn round and say, "Dick insert your penis. Faster aunt had ga anymore, .. fast dick"

I immediately put my cock ... bleesp. It turned loose rada probably because he had a great uncle and my cock is only 15 cm when strained. And I immediately pumped back and forth creep ... creep ... cprep ... uuuhh. It feels warm chewy. Aaahh difficult to describe the ecstasy.

"Insert dick dick dianus aunt," said my aunt suddenly.

I unplug and replace I enter into the anus tante. Trnyata difficult because there has not been inserted penis turns. No less sense I took over the kitchen lotionku my study and I give in anus tante taste and I try to enter my cock again. Bleessp ... creep creeep crepp. Rada was the clip and it feels really warm. I quickly genjot continue. And less than 5 minutes I was going to the top

"I came out, tanteeeee," Crooe croot croot crooot .. I keluarin everything in the anus aunt. And I collapsed backward directly. While my aunt my bed face down.

Then my aunt standing. "Thank you keluarin dianus aunt. Aunt If dimemek how Dick?"

"Sorry auntie, Dick not know," I said in a weak voice.

"You've never seen a woman naked Dick?"

I shook my head. Then aunt dasternya attest. He was really naked in front of me. I looked at her with glazed eyes. By mouth is still gaping, aunt pulled my hand. "Let's get a shower," he said.

Before I say anything, I was standing face to face with the aunt. Flipping her aunt. And without noise, I aunt who accompanied the body from the back of the winnowing still chewy. In the bathroom, aunt taught me back. Truly unforgettable experience. Duh!
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